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Beast‘ starring Vijay was released last week in multiple languages, and the widest release of the actor had broken a few records at the box office. But the film has been receiving mixed responses, and unfortunately, Vijay and Nelson‘s combo failed to satisfy the fans.

Now, here’s how the ‘Beast’ climax was originally planned. After saving hijacked people in the mall, Vijay goes missing and then he enters the terrorist zone to bring back the escaped terrorist leader. Vijay’s entry into the terrorist zone was not revealed, and he made a sudden entry to make a counterattack on terrorists.

The storyboard of the ‘Beast’ climax has been now shared on social media, and it revealed that Vijay was initially planned to be one of the members in the van that brings in youngsters to get trained. But the team skipped that scene to make his entry a surprise one. Looks like ‘Beast’ underwent several minor changes from the director’s initial plan.

‘Beast’ features Vijay as a RAW agent and he takes on a mission against terrorists to save the hijacked people in the mall. Vijay’s action avatar has been well enjoyed by the fans, while the film failed to meet the expectations of neutral. But the film has managed to perform well at the box office with a high grossing film on day 1 at the Tamil Nadu box office by earning over Rs 38 crores.


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