A 27-year-old shot in Karnataka during the screening of’ KGF 2′ – Times of India

A 27-year-old man was shot a couple of times by an unknown person at the Rajashree cinema house in Haveri, Karnataka. The incident reportedly took place while the cinema house was screening ‘KGF: Chapter 2’. The movie house is reported to be in the Karnataka Chief Minister’s home constituency Shiggaon in the Haveri district.

The injured person is said to have been taken immediately to a nearby hospital for treatment and is said to be out of danger now, as per the KIMS hospital officials. According to the local police, the injured, Vasanth Kumar of Mugali village had come to watch the movie along with his friends. However, it is also reported that the 27-year-old guy had an argument due to his misconduct in the theatre. Reportedly, he had put his legs on the front seat, and the behaviour was not appreciated by the person seating in the front row. After the heated argument, the front seat person had probably left the theatre, returned with a pistol, and fired a couple of rounds at Vasanth Kumar.

The victim seems to have come for a late-night show with his friends after working in agricultural fields. While the shooter is missing now, the local police are currently looking out for him and have checked the authenticity of his gun license. Moreover, there is reportedly no enmity between the two or the injured person has nothing to do with the others outside.

As per the local eyewitnesses, the accused fired three rounds, first in the air following the other two toward the victim. The people in the theatre immediately ran out after the mishap, while the police upon information reached the spot and shifted the injured to the nearby Hospital.


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