Bechari: Karan Kundra and Divya Agarwal to hook their fans with a Punjabi chartbuster – Times of India

Neha Kakkar is now a world-famous name but from where I see her it’s really been a very hard journey to be where she is now. She and I go way back, almost 15 years. We are family friends and I have seen her struggle to stardom. She is extra talented, humble, always a learner, and a pure artist at heart. I am her fan and always continue to be so. Well, actually I introduced her to the Legendary Honey Paaji back in 2012 for their first duet ‘Kundi Matt Khadkao Raja’ and ‘Manali Trance’ and called for her vocals from Mumbai late at night when she immediately went to the studio with Tony and recorded around midnight. She became Yo! Yo!s favorite and then a few years later I sent her this song to hear it out and give her views, she actually liked it so much that she agreed to record and send it. The song was on hold for a year because I wasn’t getting any vibe from the music and then when I met Aashish Chhabra who said he wants to take this song and reproduce it the way I wanted, I knew the time was right for it to hit the charts!

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