Lock Upp Day 64 written updates: Payal Rohatgi wants to go to Kashmir after marriage with Sangram | Television News

NEW DELHI: Prince Narula and Munwar Faruqui try to impress host Kangana Ranaut, however, they leave her and housemates in splits with their funny antiques. 

Kangana teases Shivam and Azma and ask if there’s anything brewing between them. Shivam says Azma is a good friend of him. 

Payal says she would love to visit Kashmir after marriage with her boyfriend Sangram Singh. She adds that she would also love to have Azma at her wedding. Housemates joke that they would be invited at the wedding but from the groom’s side. 

Kangana speaks about Payal’s infertility issue and says she received support from housemates when she revealed it. Payal says she was working continuously for her family and so she didn’t get time for herself. She adds that she didn’t know that she should have frozen her eggs. Kangana consoles her and says miracles happen and she should not lose hope. 

Kangana shows a clip where Anjali is seen helping Prince during the detonator task. Payal attacks Prince saying that while he says he wants to see her in the finale, he has never shown his support. 

Kangana says Payal cannot tolerate two things – friendship and defeat. She questions her for doubting Shivam during the Photo Puzzle task. Kangana shows that Munawar played smartly and instigated her against Shivam and Payal actually got into his trap.


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