Federation of Indian Pilots criticizes portrayal of pilots in Ajay Devgn’s ‘Runway 34’ – Times of India

Ajay Devgn’s recently released film ‘Runway 34’, might be doing well at the box office due to it’s intriguing storyline. However, the aviation thriller, has been upsetting Federation of Indian Pilots due to it’s unrealistic portrayal of the pilots and the incidents.

The aviation training institute recently released a statement on the same, which read, “Recently, a Hindi movie has been released with the title “Runway 34”. The profession of airline pilots has been unrealistically portrayed in the movie and may create apprehensions in the minds of nervous fliers”.

The statement also added, “While we all enjoy being entertained and appreciate the artistic licence of a movie director, a thrilling tale should not be perceived as a true depiction of the extraordinary professionalism among airline pilots who perform thousands of flights every day responsibly and safely without incident and fanfare”.

“There are more than eight thousand pilots in India who embody the highest possible standards of accountability, training and professionalism. The skills of every pilot are honed to a degree rarely seen in any industry. These standards are borne out every day, as pilots are entrusted with the lives of millions of passengers and expensive equipment around the world”.

On a closing note, it read, “It is reiterated that the character in the movie does not accurately represent our profession and that the industry has a zero-tolerance policy towards deviant behavior and substance abuse. Our pilots are committed to abide by the highest standards of professionalism to honour the trust reposed in us by our employers, the aviation regulator and the public at large”.


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