Pooja Bedi on 30 years of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar: Our film didn’t have a villain, sexy song or melodrama, it was ahead of its time -Exclusive! – Times of India

Aamir Khan’s Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (JJWS) recently completed 30 years and ETimes reached out to Pooja Bedi, who played an enchanting role in the film. The highlight of her role was the mesmerizing red dress avatar she flaunted in the iconic song Pehla Nasha. Reminiscing about the film, Pooja said, “I was in my teens when I started shooting JJWS. It was a film ahead of its times… as it didn’t have a stereotypical villain, sexy song or melodrama. It was a realistic, fun and happy film that everyone was able to relate to.”

Recalling her experience of working with Aamir Khan, Pooja said, “Aamir was a perfectionist back then too and it taught me a lot about dedication, discipline and how every aspect from tonality to an eyebrow movement to a cap being placed at a certain angle could enhance a moment.” She remembered having a fun time during the shoot. She said, “Plus we were all so young and playful and the sets were abuzz with laughter, pranks and great energy.”

The creative minds behind JJWS, director Mansoor Khan and Farah Khan impressed Pooja the most. She recalled, “Mansoor was also different as he was from Cornell (University, New York) and his set was professional and urban in every sense.” Speaking of a young Farah Khan bursting onto the scene, Pooja said, “Farah, who was a part of the team, stepped in for the choreographer, who hadn’t shown up. She was phenomenal with her creativity, shooting the entire Pehla Nesha song in slow motion. The iconic red dress flying atop a car moment with me was the result of hours of effort, guffaws and tear inducing laughter as we had multiple bloopers and zero productivity till the very last moment, where fortune suddenly decided to create cinematic history.”

Despite capturing the imagination of young viewers all over India with her portrayal in JJWS, Pooja had a short career. She revealed, “JJWS released in 1992 and I got married in 1994. Given that back then marriage meant a forced exit from Bollywood, I had a relatively short stint.” Finally ETimes asked her how she felt about a possible remake of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, she replied, “More than a remake… it would be interesting to do a sequel. What happened 30 years later in everyone’s lives. That would also be so relevant to today’s audience.”


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