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Ten years after the events of ‘Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith’, Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen will be back on screens battling it out in ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi‘. Joining them with a lightsaber in tow will be Emmy-nominated actress Moses Ingram, who will play the exceptionally skilled warrior, Reva aka, ‘Third Sister’ Inquisitor.

In the Disney+ Hotstar show directed by Deborah Chow, Moses will be seen stepping into the dark side and pledging allegiance to Darth Vader. In a bid to fulfil her Lord’s command, she sets out on a hunt to capture Kenobi and any last surviving Jedis.

ETimes put Moses on the hot seat and got her talking about joining the ‘Star Wars’ galaxy, picking between team Ewan or team Hayden, her role in the future of the franchise, and here’s all that she had to say…

How big of a fan were you of the ‘Star Wars’ series before you got the call. Tell us where you were, and what was your reaction when you got to know you landed the part.

I feel really lucky to have this be my first real introduction into Star Wars, only now because it has been attached to so many memories and moments that I otherwise wouldn’t have had until now. So that’s really cool. Part of the casting was one really fast and intense week of auditioning. In the first couple of days, I didn’t even know it was Star Wars that I was auditioning for. I just remember thinking, ‘Whatever this is, this is good…’

Then finding out it was ‘Star Wars’, and was excited about how edgy and dangerous it felt.

Did you ever imagine yourself in a ‘Star Wars’ franchise? Did you wish to be a Jedi or someone on the Dark Side?

This is far better than anything I could have ever imagined for myself. But, I love being on the dark side. It is fun.

On-screen you pledge allegiance to Darth Vader, but off-screen are you team Ewan or Hayden? What was it like working with them?

Well, it was really wonderful working with both of them. They are very gracious human beings. And, we wouldn’t be here today, if they hadn’t done what they did all those years ago. I think because of that, I am team both, team right in the middle (of Ewan and Hayden).

Would you say it was easier or difficult going into this considering there was no template as it is the first time we are seeing Reva on-screen?

I think that made it easier for me because there was less that I had to hold on to and live up to what someone saw before. So I think that made it a lot easier for me.

There’s already a lot of buzz about your character shining through being the next big villain in the Star Wars franchise, can you confirm if we’ll see more of you in the future?

Disney was really great at calling this a limited series event, so the only thing we know we are getting right now is this 6-part series and I am happy with this. I am happy with this 6-parter and I think that’s cool.


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