Shakti Kapoor’s son Siddhanth Kapoor says his friends gave him drinks laced with drugs | People News

Bengaluru: Siddhanth Kapoor, son of actor Shakti Kapoor, appeared before the police here on Tuesday in connection with a case related to drugs consumption.

Five persons, including Siddhanth Kapoor, were arrested on Monday on charges of consumption of drugs during a party at a Bengaluru hotel.

Siddhanth Kapoor told the police during the inquiry that someone had given him drinks and cigarettes laced with drugs. He also told the investigators that he did not know about the drugs.

“Siddhanth Kapoor claimed that drugs were mixed in his drinks and he didn’t know about it. He told the police that he had been in Bengaluru many times to attend parties as DJ. This was the fourth time that he went to the hotel from where he was arrested. We have got the guest list and suspicious persons will be called for questioning,” said Bhimashankar Guled, DCP (East).

The police said Siddhanth Kapoor also said that he has many friends in Bengaluru. The police have seized the mobile phones of Siddhanth Kapoor and four other accused who were arrested along with him and sent them for data retrieval.

The police are also looking into the drug peddling angle. The luxury hotel owner and the organisers of the rave party have been sent notices. The event management company representatives are also being called for questioning.

Along with Siddhanth Kapoor, the police have arrested Akhil Soni, business manager of Mind Fire Solutions, Harjoth Singh, an industrialist, Hani, a digital marketing entrepreneur, and Akhil, a photographer.

The police had seized 7 gm MDMA crystals and 10 gm Marijuana after raiding the rave party at The Park in Bengaluru late on Sunday night.

According to the police, medical tests confirmed the consumption of cocaine by Siddhanth Kapoor and the other accused persons.



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