‘Ms Marvel’ stars Iman Vellani, Matt Lintz, Yasmeen Fletcher and Rish Shah reveal who among them is the true Shah Rukh Khan fan – Times of India

Not everyone can say they had a superhero ‘crash’ their interview, but today, ETimes earned the exclusive bragging rights when Ms Marvel aka Iman Vellani swooped in with a “Surprise!”

“I thought it would be a moment,” Iman said, clearly getting used to over-the-top visual spectacles that come with being a Marvel superhero. Considering that she did ‘surprise’ us, the 19-year-old preferred to stand behind her co-stars Matt Lintz, Yasmeen Fletcher and Rish Shah who found it hard keeping a straight face in their seats with their friend and leading lady now joining them for a ‘marvel-ous’ chat.

As Bollywood and Shah Rukh Khan play a major role in Kamala Khan’s superhero story, we asked the bunch who is the biggest fan of Hindi cinema. Rish Shah, who plays the mysterious Kamran turned out to be this round’s undisputed champ. “Me, one thousand per cent,” he said and Yasmeen couldn’t agree more, “It’s gotta be Rish.”

The second episode has Matt’s character Bruno hilariously declaring “I like Baazigar”, which prompted us to ask the hunk if he really did watch the 1993 Shah Rukh Khan film. “No!” he confesses and when prompted by Iman to ‘tell the DDLJ story’, he adds, “I haven’t seen it. In that (scene) I randomly said that (line) because I thought it would be funny and then we just went with it. But I did see a Bollywood movie and thought it was good.”

Calling out her co-star’s little white lie, Iman says, “No he didn’t.”

There may not be much of a bromance between Bruno and Kamran in the Disney+ Hotstar series, but Rish came to his rescue and said, “DDLJ is not our favourite movie, of Shah Rukh Khan’s, we have other ones.”

When prompted to make his pic, he said, “Main Hu Na, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, there are too many, just not DDLJ.”

As Bollywood films played a big part in Kamala’s life as a South Asian growing up in Jersey, we had to ask Iman if she shared the same likeness as her on-screen character. Vellani said, “I grew up watching Bollywood movies but he (Rish) made me reconnect with them.”

The series also gives us a refreshing and empowering female duo, who are Muslim, brown and unapologetic about it. We asked Yasmeen and Iman how they hoped Kamala and Nakia’s stories will help young girls embrace their identity, especially in a world that idolises the Kardashians. Yasmeen explains, “I think something nice about our relationship is that it is super similar to the way we are in real life. I think people will really love seeing a genuine female friendship and one that is not dramatised or not over the top and relate to it like, ‘Yeah! That’s how I talk to my friends’.”

“And no toxicity,” Iman adds.

Where there are teens, there will be a little romance and drama, that’s why we asked Rish Shah to spill the tea on Kamran’s relationship with Kamala and if there is more to the character than what we see on the surface. Rish says, “You are right. There is some kind of mystery to him, I think we will have to wait and see what’s going on. But throughout the series, Kamran acts as a foil for Kamala and he is very close to his mum and she (Kamala) is obviously so close to her family, and her mum, so there is a parallel between the relationships there. But, people are going to have to stay tuned to see what happens.”

With just two episodes down and many more to go, including joining the big leagues in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we asked the newly inducted MCU cast if they had the chance to meet their superhero idols. “I’ve met a couple…” Iman says holding back a blush, to which Yasmeen adds, “She’s got us all beaten.”

While Matt was happy to meet ‘Spider-Man’ star Tom Holland, Rish thought it was ‘great’ to meet ‘Loki star Tom Hiddleston. Yasmeen, on the other hand, shares a much closer bond with her MUC heroines. “Xochitl Gomez who plays America Chavez and May Calamawy (Moonknight actress) are really good friends of mine and they are both beautiful people,” she gushed.

Before signing off, we also asked the bunch what was the best part about working together, to which Matt said, “I think it is the camaraderie. We are all really close in real life and just being able to go to work with these people, every day and all day, is just something we love, so…”


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