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New Delhi: After learning about the demise of Sarabjit Singh’s sister Dalbir Kaur, actor Randeep Hooda immediately rushed to Punjab from Mumbai to perform her last rites.

Randeep and Dalbir Kaur formed a relationship during the shooting of Sarbjit. In the film, Randeep played the role of Dalbir Kaur’s brother Sarbjit Singh, who was strayed into Pakistan in 1990 in a drunk condition and was kept behind the bars for 23 years with many serious allegations against him. He died on May 2, 2013, in a Pakistan jail following a brutal attack by one of the inmates. 

During the film’s shoot, Dalbir Kaur told Randeep that she sees Sarabjit Singh in him, and requested him to give her ‘kandha’ (offer his shoulder before taking the body to the cremation) when she dies.

Randeep fulfilled the promise as he attended Dalbir Kaur’s funeral and performed the last rites. Dalbir Kaur passed away due to a heart attack in Bhikhiwind near Amritsar, Punjab, on Sunday.


Randeep also penned an emotional note on Instagram in memory of Dalbir Kaur.

“Ghar zarur aana was the last thing she said. I went, only she had left. Not in the wildest dream could one imagine that Dalbir Kaur ji would leave us so soon. A fighter, child like, sharp and devoted to all that she touched. She fought a system, a country, it’s people and her own to try save her beloved brother Sarbjit,” he wrote.


“I was so fortunate to have her love and blessings and never to be missed Rakhi in this life time. Ironically the last time we met was when I was shooting in the fields of Punjab where we had created an Indo-Pak border. It was a chilly and foggy late November night but she didn’t care about all that. She was happy we were on the same side of the border. “khush rho, jug jug jiiyo” she often ended most conversations with. I do feel truly blessed indeed. There just wasn’t enough time Dalbir ji.I love you, I miss you and I shall always cherish your love and blessings,” Randeep concluded.

‘Sarbjit’, a film by Omung Kumar, showcased Dalbir Kaur’s (played by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) fight to get justice for her brother Sarabjit.


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