I strongly believe that ageism is outdated & unfashionable: Nimrat Kaur – Times of India

Beyond Hindi films, Nimrat Kaur has been silently making inroads in Hollywood by featuring in various renowned American series. The actress has repeatedly delivered solid performances. Her last release, Dasvi, also starring Abhishek Bachchan and Yami Gautam, condemned age-shaming and celebrated late bloomers. The theme struck a chord with the audience and was relatable in an industry and society where ageism is a topic that’s constantly in focus.

Talking about the age bias, Nimrat says, “There’s always a lot of age tagging. Either you are too old or too young to be doing this or that. Age is genuinely just a number. Some of the wisest people I know are really young at heart, and the liveliest, most energetic people are at a perceivably old age. Whether it’s a man or woman, age is a very jaded way of looking at a person. I strongly believe that ageism is extremely outdated and unfashionable.”

The actress had gained 15 kgs for her role in Dasvi, and shedding the weight became a challenge. She shares, “My weight loss journey after Dasvi was challenging because I ended up injuring my calf muscle. I got a calf tear, it’s called tennis leg and it’s extremely painful. It took me around four months to heal. I am still recovering. This slow process taught me to be patient. I have developed tremendous respect for my body now. I listen to it very carefully and understand what it needs. I am not back to my usual fitness routine yet. This phase has taught me to not take anything for granted.”


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