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New Delhi: Devanshi Saraogi is 21 but she has already made a big name in the lifestyle industry where new innovation and dreams take time to conquer. The journey from painting on tissues to owning a branding studio has been unconventional yet enlightening for Devanshi Saraogi. She still remembers doodling and illustrating on tissue paper.

The hobby turned into passion later on. Starting at the young age of 16, Devanshi has had her share of impediments and struggles, but little did she know that her passion for art and creativity would catapult into something so successful that she’d become a young archetype at just 21. The credit of her success goes to her mother who pushed her to start an Instagram page and commission her artwork, D RefleQtion would never have gotten into existence.  

Taking up a lifestyle as a career wasn’t an easy path for her to choose. She dropped out of college and decided to take a break from studies, in 2019 and contemplate where she was as an artist. The 2020 covid lockdown was a huge epiphany for her professionally, as she understood the power of social media and communication. To quote Saraogi, “Since we were all dependent on innovation, I understood the power of virtual entertainment. Through long stretches of experimentation with realistic planning, I started D RefleQtion during the lockdown, and the business has been blasting from that point onward.”

The ‘Q’ in RefleQtion signifies her yearning to do things differently. What started as an Instagram page for tissue paintings, now stands as a creative studio helping brands narrate their stories to its audience. This September D RefleQtion turns two, and having worked with almost 55 brands, her efforts, courage, and passion is truly commendable. To reiterate her ideology, “Life will throw closed doors at you, but you are the ultimate key master of your life, make it worth it!

Taking further motivation from her mom and keeping confidence in the 3D’s of life-standard (Dedication, Discipline and Determination), she turned into the best lifestyle influencer as well as kept on flourishing.

Moreover, her Social Platforms like Instagram are blended in with amazing designs featuring straightforwardness and what sparkles delight in her life. She keeps in touch with her followers by guiding and helping them to understand fashion sense.


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