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NEW DELHI: How many of you watch films based on who directed them? Well, rooting to facts, the majority of people watch the movie because of the actors in it! We often forget that directors are integral to the cinema and that they mold it. Sharing the same thoughts, filmmaker Navjyot Bandiwadekar discussed how directors are influencing the current patterns of the entertainment industry.

Navjyot says, “Directors are at the creative forefront of films. They visualise the script before it can go on the screen. Lately, the quality of the films has become commendable. The range of web series and the type of OTT films that have been released bring more relatable stories that captivate a large number of people. A lot of credit for the same goes to the directors, as they are the ones who envisioned the storyline.”

This adept filmmaker has already given years to cinema and is still a part of it. Living between the veils of the silver screen for over a decade, Navjyot Bandiwadekar sees the transition of films. He believes that the OTT platform has brought an opportunity for unrecognised directors who are supremely talented. It’s true, isn’t it? 

Navjyot Bandiwadekar further adds, “The directors are playing a major role in shaping current cinema, especially one that is going on online platforms. These budding directors are narrating stories in a way like never before. And our love for OTT web series and movies validates this.” 

We barely recognise the directors unless it is someone who has a very popular name. But what we often forget is that directors are the people who influence films very strongly. And after all these thoughts that Navjyot Bandiwadekar has vocalised, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that filmmakers steer our minds toward perceiving films. 

Talking about Navjyot’s illustrious profile, we know that he is currently working on a rom-com film, about which he will make an announcement anytime soon. Besides this, Navjyot Bandiwadekar has many other projects looming over the horizon which are going to be extremely exciting.

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