Jessica Henwick gushes about ‘The Gray Man’ co-stars Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling; jokes ‘It was a nightmare working with Rege-Jean Page’ – Times of India

Ever wondered what going to work with the three hottest men on the planet is like? Who better to ask than Jessica Henwick, the star of ‘The Gray Man’ about her time on set with her hunky co-stars?

Henwick, who has a number of big-ticket franchises to her credit, namely ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘Matrix’, Marvel’s ‘Defenders’, to name a few, spent 8 long months on the sets of the Russo Brother’s Netflix film and she had ‘Bridgerton’ star Rege-Jean Page by her side from the get-go.

Rege, Chris Evans and even Ryan Gosling aren’t quite gentlemanly on-screen at least as far as their scenes with the actress’ character CIA Senior Officer, Suzanne Brewer are concerned. But, did the boys give her a hard time off-screen as well?

“With Rege, it was just a nightmare to work with,” she quipped and immediately took back her words saying, “No! We got along from day one. I had such a wonderful time. We were shooting on and off for seven to eight months.”

Rege, visibly amused by the remark, added, “It was a long shoot for this movie.”

Opening up about her time on sets with Rege, aka Duke of Hastings, she said, “He stayed in his American accent the entire time. When we finally wrapped, eight months later, he swapped into his natural accent and I refused it. I still refuse it. I don’t like it and don’t want to hear it.”

Rege, while annoying his co-star in his thick British accent explained, “We met when we were in character, so she thinks my British accent is a lie.”

With Rege off the hook, Jessica went on to gush about her other two co-stars saying, “Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling were both wonderful!” Calling to mind her intense scenes with Evans, she added, “I spent a lot of time yelling at Chris and he spent a lot of time belittling me and he was very good at it. He is very talented. He has a very good working relationship with the Russo Brothers and it was lovely seeing how they would just spark off each other and how they would come up with lines together and make magic.”

This being her first project with Ryan Gosling, she admits, “He was not what I expected at all. I expected him to be very serious and kind of sombre, which he wasn’t. He was such a joy and joker. In his performance in this film, he has a twinkle in his eye and he really brings it to life. I was constantly blown away when I was working with him.”

‘The Gray Man’ also marks Rege’s first big movie release since starring in the hit regency drama ‘Bridgerton’. During the roundtable chat, the actor was asked about exploring his range as an actor playing the antagonist, Denny Carmichael. “I think that’s what every performer aims for. Every job I have taken on in the past years is a shift from the previous one,” Page said.

Catch them in action when the film debuts online on July 22.


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