Milind Soman reveals being a sex symbol is his ‘USP’; says if he is uncomfortable being objectified, he shouldn’t be in this business – Times of India

Milind Soman is undoubtedly one of the fittest and good-looking actors we have in Bollywood. He recently opened up about being a sex symbol in the industry.

In an interview with a news portal, Milind revealed that he is not at all uncomfortable being a sex symbol. In fact, the actor called it his USP. According to him, if he is uncomfortable with being a sex symbol, and being objectified, which he has been, right from the beginning of his career, then he shouldn’t be in this business.

The actor added that he recently was a part of a music video, a song called ‘Shringaar’. Milind revealed that he has no idea why they called him for the song. It is an objectification of the male persona. According to him, they could have taken someone in their twenties as opposed to him who is in his fifties.

The actor also spilled the beans on his nude photoshoot on the beach on his 50th birthday. He didn’t think it was a big deal. Milind shared that when he did his first nude photoshoot, it was shot in Delhi—in the forest—and he was just walking around naked, and they were just taking pictures. According to him, some people may object, and some people might appreciate it. It is human nature, everyone can’t like everything.


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