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Mumbai: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan on Wednesday said the upcoming season of his popular quiz reality show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ (KBC) will shine a light on the achievements of people from different walks of life towards the country. The 79-year-old veteran star was speaking at a press event here ahead of the season 14 premiere of the long-running show.

“This year we have got contestants from all corners, who have somewhere contributed towards the development of this country. And, we want to make audiences aware of them through the show,” Bachchan told reporters.

Since season 7 in 2013, the top prize on ‘KBC’ had been Rs 7 crore, and it was increased to Rs 7.5 crore in season 14 in 2022 to celebrate 75 years of India’s independence. Citing the example of one of the guests, an Indian Army officer, on the show, the actor said he was amazed to learn about his sacrifices for the country.

“The Armyman told us he still has 43 bullets and shrapnel inside him. Look at that sacrifice. And he said that with a smile how he took all of it on his chest as he bravely fought the enemies.” He also said a beautiful thing that how the blood of many Indians run in his body. These are the amazing stories that we hear every year,” he recalled.

From entrepreneurs to YouTube influencers, Bachchan said it was heartening to see people from different avenues participate in the show. “One has a start-up, another was a professor and then there is a student who wants bigger things in life. This shows how our country is evolving at a great speed.

“I get inspired by meeting them here and giving them a platform. I am so glad that I can interact with them,” he added. Calling the contestants ‘the glory’ of the show, the ‘Jhund’ actor said their stories makes ‘KBC’ special. “My work is to only ask questions but the curiosity that they have towards life and the answers that they have are worth lauding,” he explained.

Bachchan, whose career in Indian cinema spans over five decades, said he could relate to the ‘humble beginnings’ of the contestants. “Many people think I am just saying this for effect but we all came from humble beginnings. “I relate to each one of them because the moment they start describing their life, where they come from… In every contestant, there is an element that you have been through in your life as well,” he added.

The superstar said a contestant’s victory on ‘KBC’ is a moment of celebration for the entire team. “We all are able to appreciate every time a contestant does well. When we go for a break or at the end of the show, the entire crew comes around. It is exciting as they talk about how well the contestant did. It is very fulfilling. They are the real heroes,” he added.

Bachchan has hosted ‘KBC’ since its inception in 2000, except for the third season in 2007, which was hosted by superstar Shah Rukh Khan. When asked what makes him come back to the show every season, the screen icon said it was the charm of a live studio audience. “It’s the audience that comes on set here, they are the one who get me back. The way they welcome me and the way they encourage the contestants who sit on the hotseat. That’s what makes me come back season after season,” he added.

‘KBC’ season 14 is set to air on August 7 on Sony Entertainment Channel.


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