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As soon as a child is born, one of the first things that parents do is to select the name of the child. In India, often grandparents or other elderly close relatives also choose a name, even though nowadays, parents ensure that the name is to their liking. Naming a child is a big thing because names become our identity, something that becomes the most intimate aspect of us that we carry till the end of life.  

While naming a kid, one must keep in mind that the name is going to be the child’s core identity for the rest of their life. In every generation, parents look to give their children a unique name. Some prefer fashionable, modern names while others stick to classical, ever-popular ones.  However, it’s important to keep in mind that your child will grow up one day and the name should not be something that the child regrets or feels embarrassed about.

Here’s a list of Indian baby names – of both boys and girls – that starts with the letter P.

Here are 10 Indian names of baby girls starting with P:

Name      Meaning    

Paavani:  Purifier

Pakhi:    Bird

Paramita: Wisdom

Pavani:   Full Moon

Palak:    Eye lid

Paribhi:  Limit

Parinita: Auspicious apsara

Paridhi:  Realm

Prahasini: A girl who always smiles

Pramiti:   Knowledge of Truth/Wisdom

Here are 10 Indian names of baby boys starting with P:

Name      Meaning  

Pallab     New leaves

Paavan    Pure

Padmaj     Lord Brahama

Padmanabha Lord Vishnu

Palash      Flowering tree

Pamit       Fulfilled

Pamir       Mountain range

Prajwal    Bright

Parakram Strength

Paras       Touchstone


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