Anushka Sen and Shipra Khanna bond over their love for food on ‘Not Just A Chat Show’ | Television News

New Delhi: “Are you not a foodie?” exclaims Anushka Sen seeing Chef Shipra. The next episode of Anushka Sen’s ‘Not Just A Chat Show’ on Zee Café will see the celebrity chef Shipra Khanna as the special guest. 

While the two ladies chat about Shipra’s journey in the culinary industry, the Bengali beauty Anushka Sen is quite astonished by Shipra’s fitness. 

“Look at you. I want to be fit like you. How can a Chef be like you? Don’t you get hungry? Don’t you eat? Are you not a foodie?” asked Anushka amazed by the Chef’s physique. 

Replying to her Chef Shipra shared, “I am a very big foodie. When I go to a restaurant, I don’t order 1-2 things, I always want to have a good enough part of the menu on my table. But it’s not about how much you are eating but what you are eating. You have to choose your food right.”

The two continued their chatter on food as the two revealed their love for Chhole Bhature and Paav Bhaji. “I work out. Life is to enjoy and these are simple things. I don’t want to kill myself. If I can’t have guilty pleasures then what’s the point? I mostly live to eat.” Shipra chuckled.

Shipra also revealed her love for sweets. “I love desserts. I like sweets in every meal. My food ends with a sweet.” 

In the episode, audiences will also see Shipra share her workout routine. So, all the foodies looking for fitness inspiration, do not miss Chef Shipra’s chat with Anushka Sen on ‘Not Just A Chat Show’ on Zee Café.

Watch the fun jam chat of Chef Shipra and Anushka Sen on Zee Café’s Not Just A Chat Show this Sunday at 7:30 PM.


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