Director Yogaraj Bhat to explore the relationship between parents and children in ‘Gaalipata 2’ – Times of India


‘Gaalipata 2’ is carrying heavy expectations and huge hype as the first part got much recognition and is still remembered today. Director Yogaraj Bhat who is under pressure to live up to the expectations, recently opened up about his next film during an interview with an online media channel and the director seemed very confident that the film will come out with flying colors.

The director reportedly said that with ‘Gaalipata 2’, he is trying to stray away from the usually discussed theme of friendship as he will be exploring the relationship between teachers, students, parents, and children with the second installment of ‘Gaalipata’. Anant Nag will be playing a college teacher and his journey with the students is reportedly said to be the pillar of the ‘Gaalipata 2’ story. Yogaraj Bhat also reportedly wanted to show the relationship between the parents and children. The parents roles are played by Rangayana Raghu and Padmaja Rao who are repeated from part 1 as Ganesh’s parents. Yogaraj Bhat reportedly said that he is curious to know how audiences are going to receive this relationship in the film.

Another aspect of Yogaraj Bhat’s films is the presence of animals in his films where the rabbit named Devadas played a huge part in the success of ‘Mungaru Male’ and ‘Gaalipata’. This time Yogaraj is bringing in a dog for ‘Gaalipata 2’.

‘Gaalipata 2’ was in the making for a long time for which Yogaraj Bhat is thankful to the makers, cast and crew for putting up with all the hurdles while shooting and putting up with two lockdowns which halted the shoot as the film was shot across various locations in difficult times.

‘Gaalipata 2’ will be releasing in 200 theatres across Karnataka and also will be in the USA and Canada too.



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