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This is the week of teamwork, partnerships and group ventures. Working in collaboration with a group or a partner will help you earn greater profits. Your money-related issues will be over, and your finances look in order. Be fearless and move forward in love. Proceed with caution in a new relationship, as your partner might not be ready for commitment yet. You need to leave the past behind and make a fresh start. 

For your relationship to thrive, it is essential that there is an equal give and take. There must be a balance between the two. You need to understand where your relationship stands right now. Put your emotions in the backseat and be practical and rational in making decisions. You may experience a significant change in your career and work environment. You may realise something new about yourself as a professional or the work you have been doing. There could be a sudden need to change your job or career. Your finances will improve.

Some surprise is in store for you. Breakthroughs or breakups? You will be experiencing some revelation that will change the dynamics of your relationship. Maybe your partner confesses a truth about themselves or your connection to you. Remain flexible and open. In work-related matters, something good awaits you, and it’s time when your dreams come true, provided you do not give up. Keep moving forward.

In the matter of love, old wounds will resurface and may hurt you in the present moment. There is a possibility of disappointing news that might break your heart, or your partner might not be emotionally available. Professionally, you might feel stuck in the status quo where nothing seems to be moving forward. There are delays; whether you are waiting for a job or a client to decide if they will work with you, you will be waiting for some more time.

You will need to be patient in love. It is the beginning of a journey; you both have to put in a lot of work and time to make things work, and your bond grows. If you are waiting to hear from the one you love, you will have to wait a little longer, but you will surely hear from them. If you’ve been thinking of starting something new, take some time to put clear plans in place and work on a strategy to achieve your goals. Be grounded, practical and realistic with money and expenses. Follow your intuition.

You will be looking for something more in your love life. What you have might be good, but you might feel that something is missing that you may not be able to explain. It might be a time for you to say goodbye to a relationship and move forward with your life, no matter how difficult it may seem. A change in your job, work environment or financial condition is foreseen. Avoid confrontations and stay focused. Your work will keep you very busy, and you may be required to achieve beyond expectations.

Your relationship will be moving from one level to another. There will be love, compassion and mutual respect. Marriage or engagement is on the cards for some of you. Singles are likely to find love. If you have worked hard, you will see the fruits of all those efforts. Opportunities, accomplishments and success in a career are foreseen. You will achieve your work goals faster than you anticipated. There is a possibility of meeting the right people at the right time who will help you advance your career.

There will be trust, loyalty, and intimacy in your relationship. You will feel a sense of balance & security. Those in an established relationship may focus on practical matters and future planning. Do not be hasty in love-related decisions. Petty matters may create tension and arguments at your workplace. There will be competition, but you must hold your position and not give up. Be practical with money as losses may incur because of oversight and lack of attention.

Feelings of abandonment will be very strong, and you may feel left out and alone. The person you love may not feel the same way, or you may feel rejected by someone you were getting close to. Something is coming to an end, and the universe is preparing you for a new beginning. There could be a loss in income and cash flow problems. If you are unhappy with your current job, consider taking up a new job or changing your role.

The work environment will get better; there will be support and compassion. Collaborate with like-minded professionals to finish your task or achieve a goal. Partnerships built on trust will be supportive & rewarding. This could be a difficult time with love and relationships. You might not be very good at expressing or even understanding the feelings of others. Your relationship with your partner will be more intellectual than romantic.

At work, do not overlook emotional contentment and health over financial gains. A mature woman around you will be kind and supportive of you. Be compassionate towards others as well as yourself. There will be financial security, but be careful about making any investments. There will be love and affection in your relationship. If you are single, you will likely meet someone; follow your heart and move forward.

There will be love, compassion and support in your relationship. Your heart will be full of love and emotions. New love may enter your life an established relationship will thrive. Give and receive love unconditionally. This week you will be working hard to create security for yourself. Avoid any risk-taking in your career at this time and hold on to what you’ve worked hard to build.

(These Tarot Card predictions are by Chhavi Upadhyay, who is a Delhi–based, intuitive Tarot Practitioner  & Consultant)



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