‘Rishabh Pant, kitna gira hua admi hai yaar tu’, KRK takes a dig at cricketer over feud with Urvashi Rautela | People News

New Delhi: the Internet had no calm over the recent war of words (read indirectly) being exchanged between cricketer Rishabh Pant and Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela on social media. Reacting to the controversy is Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK taking a jibe at the wicketkeeper-batsman of Team India. 

KRK alleged that Rishabh Pant and Urvashi Rautela were friends at one time. Then both of them had a fight, unfollowed each other on social media and insulted each other a lot. After a long time, Urvashi stated in the media that there was a boy RP who had made him wait for hours because he was so crazy about me. Rishabh Pant was furious after reading this.

KRK in his video said, ‘arey bhaisab tumhe akal b hai behn kaun sa rishta hota hai. Do you even have any idea what kind of relationship sister is? You could call her mad, you could call her a cat, you could call her illiterate but how can you call a girl sister with whom you are in a relationship? How can you spoil the relationship of a sister? (translated from his video in Hindi)

“Kitna gira hua admi hai yaar tu. Tune prove kar diya tu ek number ka gawaar hai tujhe tameez nahi hai. Rishabh Bhai aap kaun ho yaar? Ek wicketkeeper? She is Urvashi Rautela, Miss India, you should consider yourself lucky,” said KRK.

Earlier, reports were rife that Urvashi and Rishabh are dating. However, later Pant denied all rumours and reportedly blocked her on social media. A few days back, after a video clipping of actress’s interview where she mentioned a certain RP once waited for her for hours in a hotel lobby to meet her, Pant put up his Insta story reading: “It’s funny how people lie in interviews just for some meagre popularity and for hitting the headlines. Sad how some people are so thirsty for fame and name. May God bless them “merapichachorhoBehen #Jhutkibhilimithotihai.” 

Hitting back at him, Urvashi wrote: “Chotu Bhaiyaa should play bat ball. Main koyi Munni nahi hoon badnaam hone with young kiddo darlings tere liye liye @Rakshabandhan Mubarak ho #RPChtobhaiyaa #Cougarhunter #Donttakeadvantageofsilentgirl.”

Pant later deleted the post later. Urvashi was recently seen in the Telugu actioner ‘The Legend’.




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