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New Delhi: The Dragon Ball series has to be one of the most popular and loved manga series of all time, with its fan base spanning across different regions of the world. There have been a number of movies based on the graphic novels, and its most recent film, which is also one of the largest blockbuster franchises in the world, Dragon Ball Super, will now be released in theatres and available to Indian consumers in Hindi for the first time ever on August 26 in addition to English.

The film also represents the largest co-distribution with Sony Pictures International and Crunchyroll’s first genuinely international theatrical release (outside Japan).

Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO will be released on 500 screens nationwide by Sony Pictures Entertainment India in an effort to provide the film a larger audience.

In 1984, when Akira Toriyama, a well-known manga artist from Japan, made his debut in Shueisha’s “Weekly Shonen Jump,” which remained a top-ranked newspaper for ten and a half years, the Dragon Ball craze had its start. Since then, the manga’s appeal has only increased; an astounding 260 million copies have now been sold worldwide.

Some of the hindi voice cast names include SanchitWartak (Son Gohan), Ankur Jhaveri (Son Goku), Rajashrie Sharma (Son Goten, Bulma), Shailendra Pandey (Piccolo) and Prasad Barve (Vegeta) among others.


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