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Lucknow: Railway Protection Force (RPF) registered a case against Salman Khan`s doppelganger, Azam Ansari in Lucknow for making an Instagram reel on the railway tracks.  

A content creator and a fan of superstar Salman, Azam Ansari shot a video for his Instagram on the railway tracks in Lucknow. In the video, Azam could be seen walking on the railway tracks in Daliganj, half-naked. He could be seen lying down, smoking a cigarette.  

He made his reel on the hit song of Salman`s movie Tere Naam`s tile track ‘Tere Naam Humne Kiya Hai’. For his bizarre act, RPF Lucknow registered FIR for making a reel on the railway line. RPF also tweeted about the incident.  

Inspector Suresh Kumar of RPF Lucknow said that the case was registered against the accused under sections 147, 145 and 167 of the Railway Act, and the accused will soon be arrested. A case under railway act 147 (If any person enters upon or into any part of a railway without lawful authority), 145 (Drunkenness or nuisance. -If any person in any railway carriage or upon any part of a railway) and 167 (Prohibition of smoking in train) has been lodged in the matter against Azam Ansari,” he said.  

This is not the first time that a case has been registered against Azam. Earlier, a case was also registered in Thakurganj police station for making the reel and disrupting the peace by gathering crowd at Ghantaghar. Azam has been posting reels from different landmarks and streets in Lucknow city, which creates buzz on social media and makes his video go viral.  


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