Barkha Singh opens up about her shift from TV to films to web! Here’s what she says – Times of India

At a time where multiple mediums have opened up in showbiz, Barkha Singh is only making the most of it. The actress who’s explored worked in television shows, films and web says she’s only enjoying the fact that she is getting to do what she loves to do the most.

She says, “Very honestly, I did not have any goals or any fixed path I wanted to take. I just wanted to perform because that is what I really enjoy doing. I love acting, I love performing and that has always been the driving force even today.”

Talking about her switch between mediums, Barkha says, “There was a time I did television but while doing it I realised, ‘Hey the YouTube space is looking very cool’, it was 7 years ago and that’s when I kind of stepped into it; whether it’s TVF’s Engineering Girls, whether it’s Dice’s Please Find Attached. While being in the early digital content and all of the lovely Filtercopy videos that I was a part of, OTT seemed to be booming and I shifted my focus there. I am thankful for getting work on OTT where I did web series and films.”

She concludes saying, “So, to answer your question, the dream has never been one dream, it has always been kind of modifying itself and meandering as per my reality, that is also how I am as a person. I prefer to adjust and accommodate to different situation that life throws at me and then try to make the best out of it and how close I feel I am to this dream, see at the end of the day my dream was to act, my dream was to do different projects, my dream was to show the world my acting abilities and versatility that I can bring to the table and I feel somewhere down the line I am aligned to my dream, definitely a long way to go but I am very happy where I am right now.”


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