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Cleaning is the most crucial phase of any skincare regimen. Your skin care products perform better and are better absorbed when your face is clean. While many people occasionally prefer hot facial steam to obtain clean pores and incredibly smooth skin, one popular Korean beauty hack that is now trending in the skincare industry is soaking your face in ice water.

Ice facial: What do you need?

Making it at home is quite easy. You will need a large bowl that is filled with cold water and ice cubes. For 30 seconds, keep your face soaked in that water. After cleansing your face, lightly tap your face with a towel. Repeat this process twice daily.

Benefits of ice facial

1. Calms down irritated skin

Some of the frequent skin inflammation conditions include acne, sunburn, and skin rashes. Dip your face in some ice-cold water to treat these issues quickly. Additionally, it works wonders in reducing skin redness.

2. Tightens the pores

Your pores can be tightened by using ice water. Your skin will appear firmer and more sculpted as it minimises the appearance of open pores.

3. Instant glow

The simplest and quickest way to achieve that instant glow is to immerse your face in ice-cold water. Your face experiences a blood rush, and your skin cells receive oxygen, which makes them appear fresh and glowing.

4. Long-lasting makeup

The ice-cold water helps control the natural oils and minimises the pores, making your makeup stay longer. 

PRO TIP- Take a few minutes to soak your face in ice water before applying makeup to witness the magic.


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Regular use of ice water can be quite beneficial for your skin. To reach your skincare goals, add this quick and easy method to your skincare routine.

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