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Names of baby boys and girls with P: Is the stork visiting your family soon? Then you must be thinking of the perfect name for your baby boy or girl or in the case of twins, possibly both! Naming a child is a very precious experience for parents, and also a significant one. And why not? After all, a name forms our basic identity, something we are called by till the time we live! In India, often grandparents and other elderly relatives select a baby’s name. P is one of the popular alphabets when it comes to a person’s name in India. If you are thinking of giving your baby girl or baby boy a name starting with the letter p, here are 20 options – 10 each for each gender.  

Baby boys’ names starting with P

1) Paras – This is a beautiful name which means touchstone

2) Parth – Anoter name of Arjun, it stands for someone who never misses a target

3) Pratham – Someone who always stands first 

4) Praveer – An excellent warrior or a king

5) Piyush – Nector, it symbolises a drink that makes man immortal

6) Pranav- A sacred sound or symbol

7) Pratik- Stands for a symbol

8) Priyank – Dear one, a loved one

9) Pravit – Hero, someone with great power

10) Priyesh – One who is blessed with the love of God

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Baby girls’ names starting with P

1) Pahal – The start, it’s another name of Goddess Lakshmu

2) Pakhi – It means a bird; we would want our baby girl to fly high like a bird!

3) Palak – Meaning eyelid, it stands for someone who protects like the eyelid protects the eyes

4) Parisha – Like a fairy, beautiful

5) Padmakshi – One whose eyes are like a lotus

6) Piusha – One who is warm, sensitive

7) Prajakta – A flower full of fragnance

8) Preet – It simply stands for someone happy and joyous

9) Prisha – One who is talented, a gift of God

10) Purvi – It stands for a classical melody

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