Sunil pal remembers good fried Raju Srivastava says ‘I had wished this day would never come’ | People News

New Delhi: Raju Srivastava, who died on Wednesday, was a comedian who was respected and loved by all, including his peers.

Raju Srivastava was the first runner-up in the inaugural season of the comedy show ‘The Great India Laughter Challenge,’ won by comic Suni Pal, who said that his late friend was rightfully referred to as the ‘King of Comedy.’

The comedian, in the days when Raju Srivastava was hospitalised, had asked his fans to pray for his recovery. Sunil Pal was in tears when he heard the news and said,”He was fighting a battle for the past 40 days and never thought even in my dreams that he would leave us like this.”

He further added, “I had wished this day would never come. It`s painful news for his family and everyone close to him. Even now I wish a miracle happens and he comes back.”

Raju was admitted to AIIMS on the 10th of August after he collapsed due to cardiac arrest while working out at the gym. His condition in recent days has shown considerable improvement and Sunil had also informed the public when the late comedian had regained consciousness.

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