Ranveer Singh talks about changing times in entertainment industry at FICCI Frames fast track 2022, says, ‘It feels like a weird time…’ | People News

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, who attended the FICCI Frames Fast Track 2022 convention on Tuesday, at the event, spoke about the rapidly changing dynamic nature of the Indian entertainment industry. 

Ranveer started his welcome speech by expressing gratitude for being able to finally attend the event in person following the pandemic and said, “I hope during FICCI fast track we can fast track some great ideas for the rapidly changing and rapidly dynamic landscape of the Indian entertainment that we are witnessing. Times are changing and entertainment options have opened up. There are now perceivably new structures in Indian entertainment and all this has happened very recently.”

“Media as we know is constantly fragmenting; audience`s attention spans are shrinking. We are seeing massive changes in entertainment consumption patterns and it is all a crazy state of flux right now, it`s all changing. It feels like a weird time because it is all changing so fast that we can hardly keep up. But in this tumultuous sea change lies opportunity and I back the entertainment industry to adapt and use this dynamism to our advantage. I believe we are poised to adapt as we always have to rapidly evolving consumer habits,” he continued. 

Ranveer also spoke about the Indian youth and their creativity. He said, “Our Indian youth is a creative juggernaut. They are very smart, very cool and very with it. They have the information, they have the access, the exposure and they are attracted towards authenticity and are creatively charged with boundless restless energy. So, the possibilities are limitless and that’s why I say it is an extremely exciting time to be living in and working in.” 

The actor added, “This coming decade I believe is going to be the rapidly changing and dynamic time ever in the Indian entertainment sphere and hopefully one that is filled with path breaking instances, achievement, unprecedented milestones.” 

This year FICCI Frames has returned to its physical form in Mumbai following the COVID pandemic. As in previous years, the world`s media and entertainment industry will be in full attendance at this event, with nearly 2000 delegates encompassing the entire sector. 


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