Karan Johar reveals he didn’t like the previous version of ‘Kesariya’ song shot by Ayan Mukerji for ‘Brahmastra’; here’s how he reacted! – Times of India

Karan Johar, who is basking on the success of his latest film, ‘Brahmastra’, recently spoke about the creative differences he had with director Ayan Mukerji during the shooting of the film.

Karan said at the event, “I said that the scene was very terrible and I said I think you need to re-shoot it. And there was actually, and we can say it now, Kesariya was shot in another way. Kesariya was shot with Ranbir dancing quite feverishly. When we saw the song, I said ‘What the hell is going on? What is wrong with you Ayan?’. Why were they dancing? Kesariya was shot differently. Same tune melody but treated differently. It is then that Ayan realised it has to be treated differently.”

The producer also revealed that after the public screening of ‘Brahmastra’ that happened on September 8, he had a sleepless night. “There were a couple of messages that were so wonderful to read. It was very heartening. And there were some messages that came in that were completely extreme, and I felt like my blood pressure had dropped. I felt ‘Oh my God, what if we’ve gone completely wrong.’ And this is something I couldn’t even share with Ayan or the team,” the filmmaker stated.

He further added, “It was just stress. It was like stress as a parent to the film. I am just stressed for all these kids who’ve given their life to this film. That night I didn’t sleep a wink. It wasn’t that I was crying, it was just that I could feel like this is really a big deal. It’s a new universe and there are going to be extreme reactions. But the film, just like the process, really fought at the box office.”

Karan Johar was also asked to address the budget of ‘Brahmastra’ and how much he expected his film to do, in terms of business and numbers. Karan responded by saying, “The budget has not been broken down into film 1, film 2 or film 3. It is for the entire trilogy. Secondly, we were just looking for the initial acceptance of this universe and it happened to us on day 1, when we got the acceptance. A film to open in Hindi to over Rs. 30 crore and in other languages, to cross the 35 crore mark, without any holiday, means that they had bought into the fact that it is a multiverse, it is a universe. We were not looking at numbers. We wanted people to accept this world because there is so much more to come.”

“The moment this film gets acceptance, so whether the film does Rs. 200 cr, Rs. 250 cr or Rs. 300 cr, all that is great and the numbers are very important, but to us, the most important is that we get to make part 2 and part 3. When we knew we were home for those important decisions for Brahmastra, that was it. You only make part 2 when part 1 gets love and acceptance and that’s what has happened,” Karan concluded.


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