Shaktimaan Mukesh Khanna REACTS to Adipurush controversy, says ‘Hindu gods are not handsome…they are beautiful’ | People News

New Delhi: Shaktimaan actor Mukesh Khanna, who also played Bheeshma Pitamah in BR Chopra’s Mahabharat has strongly reacted to the ongoing Adipurush teaser controversy. In his new video, he reviewed the Adipurush teaser and claimed that the film will not work. 

Mukesh Khanna said, “Not everyone may agree with me, but Hindu Gods are not handsome. They are beautiful. They are not handsome like (Arnold) Schwarzenegger. Look at Ram or Krishna for example. They are not bodybuilders, they have a soft, docile, and grand look on their faces. No one can claim they met Ram or Krishna, but from whatever we have seen over the years, they have a feminine look. People who worship them never think of Ram or Hanuman with moustaches.”

“You call the film Adipurush, you may tell me that it is the story of a man from the stone Age. Why do you have the title of Ramayan then? We had a huge beard for Bheeshma Pitamah, you cannot simply show him as a clean-shaven man. Let me tell you that such a film will not work, because you want to use the faith that the audience has in Ramayan but you also challenge the faith,” he added.

Shakitmaan star added, “Only VFX or investing Rs 100-1000 crore in a film cannot make Ramayan. It will be based on the values, and performances. You cannot use looks from Avatar and say we are making Ramayan. If you make fun of the characters, people may not just laugh at you but will be furious with you. You may say we are making a fictitious story about an ancient man, but do not call it Ramayan. I warn rich people, ‘Do not use your money to change our rituals, religion or epics. If you wish to, try it with other religions.”

Mukesh Khanna has often hogged attention for his videos online.

Meanwhile, the cult show from the 90s, Shaktimaan is now all set to recreate the magic in the form of a trilogy, to be headlined by one of India’s major superstars. The studio will join hands with Brewing Thoughts Private Limited and Mukesh Khanna’s Bheeshm International. The superhero franchise is going to be helmed by one of the country’s top filmmakers. ‘Shaktimaan’, to date, remains India’s most iconic superhero brand.



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