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New Delhi: Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson recently got candid and opened up about her “bizarre” sex scene with Joaquin Phoenix in the 2013 romance sci-fi movie `Her`.

According to Fox News, Johansson spoke about how gross it was listening to her fake an orgasm on set during Dax Shepard`s `Armchair Expert` podcast. The Academy Award nominee revealed Phoenix also had a difficult time recording audio for their sex scenes in Spike Jonze`s movie.

“You definitely don`t want to hear what you sound like having a fake orgasm,” she pointed out. 

“I remember we came in that day,” the “Black Widow” star began to explain, adding, “I`ve become that actor that`s like `let`s get dirty.` I have to because otherwise, I`ll be petrified. Joaquin comes in, we try to get through one take, and he was, like, losing it. He was like `I can`t do it.`”She discussed how her co-star already filmed the entire movie, as she replaced Samantha Morton for the voice role and a few scenes needed to be recorded again, reported Fox News.

“He was like angry… he had already [filmed the scene], he had done it in person, and now he was with me in this weird theatre, and I`m in this box, and he was like staring at me, and the lights are low, and Spike is there… it was so bizarre,” Johansson expressed.

Shepard continued to joke around with Johansson and asked if they had any cocktails for some liquid courage before filming the sex scene. “We definitely did not have cocktails,” she responded.

“I was fine. Joaquin was not – he was so upset about it,” she noted, as per Fox News.

The movie `Her` is about a lonely writer – played by Phoenix – that developed an unlikely relationship with an artificial intelligence operating system – played by Johansson — designed to meet his needs.


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