Zee Marathi announces re-haul of 5 new shows, fresh content at Zee Marathi Awards 2022 | Television News

Mumbai: With a rich legacy of entertaining audiences across Maharashtra over the last 23 years, Zee Marathi has come to be recognized as an iconic brand entertaining viewers across the length and breadth of the state with its culturally rich and nuanced storytelling and some of the most popular shows. As a part of its constant endeavour to stay connected with its loyal viewers through a finger on their pulse, the channel unveiled an evocative film that underlines its commitment to reflect the evolving sensibilities of its audiences. 

Showcased for the first time on the special occasion of Zee Marathi Awards 2022, the film sends out an inspiring message – that while the journey towards change may seem daunting, it is only those who refuse to give up and brave these curveballs that will be able to inch towards progress – ‘Badal Ghadat Nahi Ghadvava lagto’. 

Picking up striking narratives from the channel’s own shows that depict Zee Marathi protagonists facing similar challenges and overcoming them with grit and perseverance, the film reassures its viewers that the channel will continue to be by their side through its stories, its characters and help them navigate this journey towards change.  

Amit Shah, Cluster Head – North, West & Premium Channels, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. says, “Over the past two decades, Zee Marathi has earned immense equity amongst viewers of Maharashtra as a brand that deeply resonates with their socio-cultural sensibilities and presents stories that are a slice of their own lives. With time, however, society evolves, mindsets change and a new set of issues and subjects that are closest to people’s hearts emerge. As a channel whose highest priority is to cultivate and build a deep, intimate connection with our viewers, we have invested a lot of time and resources in understanding this evolving viewer. The re-haul of our primetime rests on the back of in-depth research and insights. Our new stories and protagonists talk to today’s woman who is moving towards a new world view, broadening her horizon and expanding her sense of purpose – the essence of which is captured beautifully in our film that says ‘Badal Ghadat Nahi Ghadvava lagto’. We would like to reassure our viewers that the channel will continue to be by their side through stories and characters that help them navigate this journey towards change.” 

Zee Marathi launched 5 new shows Nava Gadi Nava Rajya, Tu Chal Pudhe, Appi Amchi Collector, Dar Ughad Baye and Satvya Mulichi Satvi Mulgi in the months of August-September. Nava Gadi Nava Rajya shows viewers how a family should learn to accept new members without any prejudice. Tu Chal Pudhe narrates the story of how a woman’s determination and tenacity are often tested to their utmost limits and how one shouldn’t be held back from achieving their dreams come what may. While Appi Amchi Collector tries to point out that one’s circumstances shouldn’t be a hurdle for succeeding in life, Dar Ughad Baye intends to bridge the gap between the inequality of genders and their aspirations. Satvya Mulichi Satvi Mulgi tries to demolish age-old superstitions which plague the society and show how all individuals can be equally valuable. This all-new avatar of Zee Marathi will not only enthral the viewers with a range of emotions, but also encourage them to take responsibility of their future and change it for the better.

Strengthening the brand promise further, Zee Marathi will also be launching new shows that will keep the audience hooked to their TV screens. The upcoming musical love story Hridayi Preet Jagte tries to demonstrate how opposing mindsets and cultures can still work together and create a beautiful bond over their common passion for music in a first ever fusion of Abhanga and Rock. The show will be a celebration of love and music for all music lovers. 

That’s not all! The immensely popular reality show Fu Bai Fu will also be back with a brand-new season. The show continues to amuse audiences with unlimited comedy and entertainment. Several stand-up comedians from across Maharashtra will be a part of this new season and will leave the audience rolling on the floor with laughter. 

The entertainment doesn’t stop there. The end of this year and the start of 2023 will see multiple new fiction shows liven up your drawing room and take Zee Marathi to greater heights.



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