Ahead of its release, Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Ram Setu’ gets HC’s piracy shield against rogue websites – Times of India

Piracy has been a universal problem for years. It is at an all-time high in the age of OTT releases. And unlike before, the quality of pirated films is at par with the original.

In an attempt to curb this menace, the Delhi High Court has restrained 23 rogue websites from distributing, hosting, streaming, retransmitting, exhibiting and downloading of the upcoming Akshay Kumar starrer, ‘Ram Setu’. According to the court, that piracy has to be curbed and needs to be dealt with with a heavy hand.

The producers of the film and the author of the movie had made out a prima facie case for a grant of ex parte ad-interim relief as huge investments have been made by makers. They reportedly listed 23 video-sharing websites that are known to offer visitors download links to movies and web series.

“Looking at the investments made by the plaintiff in the production and promotion of the film as also the exclusive right vested in it under the provisions of the Act, this court prima facie agrees with the plaintiff that if the rogue websites communicate the film in any manner, on any platform, simultaneously with the theatrical release of the film on October 25 or in its close proximity thereafter, it would severely impact the interest of the plaintiff monetarily and will also erode the value of the film,” the court stated.

The plea reportedly stated that it was an industry practice to release the film for theatrical exhibition first and then make it available for viewing on different platforms. However, the websites in order to make illegal gains make infringing copies and make them available for viewing, downloading and communication to the public, almost simultaneously with the theatrical release of the film.


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