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Diwali 2022 decoration: The whole of India will be lit and in cheer and joy, with people exchanging gifts and sweets. Diwali is the biggest Hindu festival but is celebrated by people from all races and communities. On Diwali morning most people will be looking for those fresh flowers to add to the torans for the entrance and others are busy making sure that the house is squeaky clean for Goddess Lakshmi’s arrival.

Diwali decoration usually starts a month early but some of us need that extra motivation to begin and left the decor for the last minute, well in that case you are not alone. Here are some quick and easy last-minute Diwali decoration ideas that can potentially save you!

1. Get them diyas

These natural earthen diyas can go a long way in enhancing your decor by 100%. Simply place these diyas along the walls, doors, entrances and staircase etc. Lit diyas only add to the aesthetic and need no extra thought. Although you should light these diyas away from the curtains and other fire-prone areas.

Take 7 diyas and place six of them in an octagon shape with one diya (a bigger one) in the centre. You can also line the diyas along the hallway walls for a simpler yet chic decor.

2. Save us o’ candles

Go all out decorating your house with candles. Use aromatic candles or simple candles there are about 10 different ways to find a fancy decoration by using candles.

Simply take a glass bowl or tray and in it some water and flower petals and then place tea light/ floating candles in it. Place this piece at the centre table of your home or the entrance.

3. Take one, take many flowers

Flowers are an essential part of any holy or sacred ritual in India. On Diwali people buy marigolds aka Genda Phool to make torans and garlands for the house. The fragrance from these fresh flowers works as a mood stabilizer and the vibrant colours simply add to the festive cheer and bring beauty and prosperity into our lives.

Now, you can either buy stringed-up garlands and hang them from the ceiling alongside the walls or at the main door to create a beautiful entryway. You can also use separate flowers and decorate the living room cabinets and the dining table by placing these flowers in different arrangements.

4. Game-changing fairy lights

Decorating the house with fairy lights has become a norm. Take one (or more) of these fairy lights and hang them at your entrance and all over the puja room for a bright and lively Lakshmi pujan.

5. Rangolis are the best

Use rangoli colours or flower petals to make simple or extravagant designs. Rangoli carries an aura of positivity and happiness. You can make rangolis at the entrance but it’s your choice.


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6. Try paper lanterns

Try paper lanterns with vibrant colours available in the market and hang them on your stairway or balcony. String them together or hang them individually in a creative design across the entrance or on your balcony.

7. Deck up the Puja room 

Diwali puja is the centre of Diwali celebrations and thus decorating the puja room needs special attention. 

Begin with cleaning the room and the mandir by setting everything in place. Use Genda flower garlands to highlight the background. Add diyas and fairy lights to this arrangement and make a small rangoli design just before Goddess Lakshmi.

Lastly, decorate your entrance by adding all of these items- Flowers, mango leaves, diyas, rangoli, fairy lights and lanterns. The entryway will set the tone for your entire house.

Diwali is an important occasion for everyone and decorating the house with your family in tow makes it even merrier. It’s alright even if you did not start prepping a month ago, it is still possible to get those vibrant backgrounds.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali!


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