Bigg Boss 16: Twitterati is disappointed with Gautam Vij, points out the one-sided friendship of Nimrat and Shalin for him! | Television News

New Delhi: 16 seasons of Bigg Boss are enough to know there are no permanent friendships or enemies in the house. Almost a month since the show began & we have seen equations shifting swiftly but one that has remained constant is that of the friendship Shalin & Gautam share or is it really? The fans don’t think so. 

The recent episodes are proof that Gautam picks the side that benefits him the most and we witnessed the downfall of the strong friendship that once existed between Gautam and Nimrit over the captaincy task. Meanwhile in a deep conversation between Shalin & Tina, the former is heard thinking out loud that he probably is trusting the wrong people. 

Fans of Shalin Bhanot feel the same that Gautam has repeatedly said things that question his friendship with Shalin. Gautam asked Shalin to not play dumb & Shalin held his ground & explained to him in a very calm manner. Later Gautam discussed the same with the other inmates pointing out that Shalin is not what he seems to be in the show & also passed a personal remark that he wouldn’t have many friends over the years. This comment has not gone down well with Shalin Bhanot fans who have exposed Gautam and proven that he was never a good friend of Shalin’s, to begin with. 

Shalin has been lucky in finding a friend in Tina but it was about time he learned that Gautam is more of an enemy disguised as a friend & there’s insecurity written all over his face. 

Here is what some of the tweets have to say:







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