Kantara Hindi Box Office collections: Rishab Shetty’s brilliant visual outing stands tall with Rs 31.7 cr! | Regional News

New Delhi: Hombale Films ‘Kantara has been more successful by the day since the time it was released. While the film has topped almost all the charts with its Kannada and Hindi versions, its box office collections are registering growth every day. Kantara Hindi withstands the opposition posed by new releases and sees an upward trend on Diwali and earns a net total of Rs 31.7 Cr in week 2. 

‘Kantara’ opened with a huge collection of 1.27 Cr. On the very first day in the Hindi market. Its second-day collection was 2.75 Cr. and 3.5 Cr. Net on the third day in the Hindi market. Moreover, after the weekend, despite the reduction in ticket rates, the film saw an outstanding jump of 40% to 50% in the collection on Monday as compared to Friday with 1.75 Cr. Net in the Hindi market. With 1.88 Cr. Net on Tuesday and 1.95 Cr. Net on Wednesday and the film registered a steady growth with a collection of 1.90 Cr. Net in the Hindi market on Thursday, which also jumped to 2.05 Cr. Net in the Hindi Market on Friday. 

On Saturday its box office collection in the Hindi market reached 2.55 Cr. Net and on Sunday and Monday, it earned 2.65 Cr and 1.90 Cr. respectively. 

Now according to this Tuesday’s records, it has garnered 2.35 Cr. which jumped on to 2.60 Cr. Net on Wednesday and very well maintained its steady growth on Thursday with a collection of 2.60 Cr. Net in the Hindi market. 

Apart from rocking the box office with its constant growth, ‘Kantara’ also made its position at No. 1 in the list of India’s Current Top 250 Films which was released by IMDb recently. Kantara is a film intended for pure mass entertainment but made with all the heart. The Sandalwood industry has peaked and peaked with an epic tale in Kantara. 

Kantara is a sumptuous meal that one should not miss. It is a perfect culmination of craft, culture, and technical brilliance at display. It is that rare piece of Southern India that you would have barely witnessed or heard about. And is worthy of every piece of accolade and appreciation, it is receiving from everywhere.


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