Bigg Boss 16, Day 30 Updates: Things are getting better for Gautam; everybody goes against Archana for her ‘soch’ | Television News

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 16, a simple start to the day with the BB anthem. The day went well till the afternoon as Abdu flirts with possibly every women in the house, except Sumbul of course. The 19-year-old singer is trying to make Nimrit jealous by complementing Tina, Priyanka and even Archana. He also gave out a fake phone number to them and asked them to call him.

As I said, things went well till lunch, as Archana again starts with her tantrum and refuses to make lunch as given the duty by the new captain Gautam. On the other hand, Abdu is still mad at Sumbul for nominating him, Nimi tries to explain to him, but he refuses to let it go so easily.

Thinking of her friendship with Archana, Soundarya gives her food even after her fiasco with Gautam, and this made the man really upset. He fights with Soundarya that even when the lady is cursing him, and not doing as he says, she should be on his side and not feed Archana literally in the room.

Meanwhile, Abdu in a random conversation with Shiv, calls Tina the biggest liar in the house, been imitates her and her fakeness. 

The Big Bulletin with Shekhar Suman begins and the veteran actor takes a dig at all the contestants one by one. He then asks Shiv to make his own cricket team with the inmates and he chooses everyone but MC Stan, Gori Nagori and Soundarya. Whilst the Bulletin is on, Archana and Priyanka get into an ugly fight over the kitchen and its hygiene. Everybody gets irritated as the two starts screaming in the middle of the Bulletin while Shekhar Suman was still on the screen, even he had a look of regret on his face.

Shalin and Tina’s paradise is also in trouble as Shah clarifies Tina’s statement of ‘jo humara nahi hua, vo orr kisi ka kaise hoga’ from her in front of Nimrit, Sumbul and Gautam. 

Archana later tried to make dinner, but Gautam tells her not to as she disobeyed the lunch orders. He even took the packet of pulses away from her and instructs her to go back to her room. Archana talks badly about everybody in the house, including Gautam, Priyanka and most of the inmates. To this, Shiv says that Archana’s thinking is small, it doesn’t matter whether you are from a village or town, but if your brain is small, thinking is small, and no good can happen. Shalin says that now Archana doesn’t have any ‘mudda’ so she is creating new ones.

Shiv, MC Stan and Gori Nagori sit and make fun of Shalin and his ‘deewangi’ for Tina. On the other hand Shalin and Nimritmake fun of Gautam and Soundarya on their face.

Priyanka complained to Gautam that Archana is again in the kitchen, trying to make chapatis as I didn’t make them for her. Gautam confronts Archana, she makes her own chapati and eats food as no one called her for dinner.

Again, while Archana has dinner, she starts the fiasco with Priyanka and again, things got ugly between them. Around 1 am, Stan and Gautam have a random conversation, they talk about the fakeness of every contestant in the house including Shiv and Nimrit.

Every day, new friendships are formed and old one gets shattered. Keep watching this space for more updates.


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