Bigg Boss 16 Day 31 updates: Shalin and Priyanka get into BIG fight, housemates nominate Archana, Sumbul and Soundarya for eviction | Television News

New Delhi: Its yet another day in the Bigg Boss house. Soundarya and Tina get into an argument over kitchen duties. Tina says she gets dominating. Soundarya and Gautam too get into an argument over food. Early in the episode, Shalin and Priyanka get into a verbal argument as Shalin feels that Priyanka has often taunted his medical condition. As their fight turns intense, housemates intervene and call it off. But Priyanka calls him duffer at the end. 

Gautam clears out his differences with Soundarya and says that it was his frustration that came out like this.  

For the nominations this week, Bigg Boss introduces a new twist. He gives jackets to all the contestants and ask them to backstab the ones they were nominating. This means that the nominations will be out and open.  

Ankit backstabs Shalin and Archana. Shalin nominates Priyanka and Soundarya. Archana nominates Ankit and Sumbul. Ankit says don’t say too much. Tina nominates Archana and Soundarya. She questions Archana saying that she doesn’t treat everyone well over food. She says Soundarya has never done anything for her.  

At the end, Bigg Boss calls Sajid. He nominates Sumbul first. Then, he says he would want to nominate Gautam but since he is the captain, he would nominate Soundarya. He says he doesn’t have anything for Soundarya but he wants to do this for Gautam. 

The contestants who are nominated are Archana, Soundarya and Sumbul and their punishment is that they have to keep wearing these jackets.  

Shalin and Priyanka get into a heated argument again. Priyanka says why does he create a fuss about his medical condition. Abdu, Gautam and Sajid have a fun banter and try to lighten up the mood. Bigg Boss asks all the three nominated contestants to remove their jackets. In the precap, it can be seen that Priyanka and Ankit are having a big fight where Priyanka shays she will never talk to him. What turn will their friendship take now?

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