Bigg Boss 16, Day 36 Updates: Abdu gets extremely upset with Archana, she also gets an earful from Sumbul for getting personal! | Television News

New Delhi: Bigg Boss is a house full of controversies, a place where people will never let others go up no matter what. Today’s episode started with a rift between Tina Datta and Archana Gautam where the latter told the actress to not go in the washroom with guys as it reflects badly on TV. The actress told Archana to keep her opinions to herself.

Things were fine until Archana poked Sumbul for telling everything that happened in the elimination room with Salman Khan, the actress tells her that she only told Tina, and Archana screams at her and comments on her individuality in the show.

Tina then takes Sumbul’s side and tells Archana to not comment on her as Sumbul’s popularity is on a different level outside the BB house. Archana then tells Soundarya that Sumbul told everyone what they all saw happened in the washroom, Sumbul swears on that she didn’t say anything wrong. Tina and Shalin on the other hand support Sumbul and ask Archana to just keep her opinions and thoughts to herself.

Archana starts screaming at Sumbul and Tina, tells the ‘Uttaran’ actress that she has no ‘aukaat’ in front of her. Shiv and Tina mock Archana for being such a negative personality and orthodox. They laugh and scream that ‘Priyanka Archana ko khaa gayi…’ Sumbul and Shalin even mock her.

On the other hand, Gautam tells Soundarya to never talk to Tina or Nimrit, no matter what. Archana then mocks Tina and raises the question on the actress’ character. She even comments on Gautam being open about his relationship, Tina and Shalin tell the truth to Gautam and clear that we don’t say anything, he does.

Archana comments on Sumbul’s father, the ‘Imlie’ actress loses it and almost attacks her physically, Tina stops her from doing such a mistake. Nimrit, Tina, Sumbul, Shalin and even Shiv then sit in the room of 2 and do not let Archana sleep.

The next morning, Gori sips her tea with Archana and everybody is shocked. Abdu on the other hand jokingly puts Shalin, Shiv and Nimrit in Jail for not taking him seriously.

Archana starts her unnecessary commenting over bhindi in Sajid’s room, the filmmaker asks her to never give her any lecture as he is not gonna take it, no matter what. Sumbul plays a game with Tina and wears Shalin’s jacket to make her jealous, and guess what, it works.

Archana then teases Abdu and it gets ugly. She tells him that Nimi is sleeping and he is not taking any action, to this, Abdu replies, ‘I am captain, I see everything… you don’t tell me anything.’ Archana gets on Abdu’s nerves and Abdu sends her to jail. She refuses and the captain gets very upset, screams at her. He even takes his mic off out of anger. Archana calls him ‘magarmachh…’ Abdu says that Salman sir will cut her ‘zubaan’ on weekend.

Shiv, Nimrit, Shalin and others warn Archana to stop troubling Abdu, or else they will make the BB house a living hell for her. Shiv warns Archana to stop the nonsense and not trouble Abdu, Nimrit on the other hand tries to calm the captain.

Abdu takes his revenge and gives Archana the duty to clean bathrooms, all the bathrooms. Shiv and MC Stan make fun of her while she cleans the toilets. Later, Archana takes nap and Abdu asks her not to do so, she then says that ‘bhonko mat yahan aake,’ to this, Shiv asks Archana to shut up or else something bad will happen. Abdu replies to Archana that, ‘I am not dog, you are dog, a stupid dog…’

Abdu then gets teary-eyed as he is very upset over Archana’s behaviour. Shalin also cries as he gets low on seeing Abdu’s tears.

Then begins the Shekhar Suman Bulletin, he comes with a puppet monkey and they both take a dig at the gharwalas. 

The episode ends on a very spicy note as Sumbul replaces Tina in the MyGlamm race of face of the house. Tina is extremely jealous now, let us see how this affects their bonding in the house.

Bigg Boss 16 airs on Colors TV, keep watching this space for more updates.


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