Bigg Boss 16: Priyanka ruins Shalin’s birthday surprise for Ankit, netizens are upset! | Television News

New Delhi: Bigg Boss has never been a place for permanent friendships or enemies with equations changing every passing day & with every passing task but we believe Priyanka holds grudges & it has become pretty evident. The actress received flak and criticism from Salman Khan last week for overstepping & trying to speak on behalf of Ankit, even when the latter didn’t ask to be spoken on behalf of. The fellow contestants too have said on many occasions that Priyanka is Ankit’s biggest weakness and mistake on the show. 

Ankit who celebrates his birthday today, Shalin Bhanot is seen trying to put together a surprise for him and looks visibly excited for the same. When Priyanka learns about his plans, she gives him an earful and stops him from executing his plan. 

For the initiated, Shalin and Priyanka got into a spat last week when the latter mocked Shalin’s medical condition over his request for chicken. Like Shalin has confessed, he snaps out of the situation quite quickly and doesn’t hold on to grudges & planning a surprise for Ankit is big proof that he doesn’t hold grudges. 

During the fight between the two, Ankit had tried to intervene & chose to support Priyanka over Shalin but despite the history, Shalin extended an olive branch. Even previously, when the entire house was against Gautam for choosing captaincy over ration, Shalin did get up to give him a hug during the eviction prank, for which he faced the brunt of people who called his courteous behaviour fake. 

 Days after being cornered and trolled for chicken, the netizens seem to have changed their favorites & Shalin tops the list now & it’s about time Priyanka loosens her grip over Ankit because we are sure as hell would want to watch Ankit play the game independently. 


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