‘Kantara’ sells Rs.1 crore tickets in Karnataka – Times of India

‘Kantara‚Äôs unstoppable run at the box office is not going to slow days any signs of waning and the film is still setting up new records every other day. Either the box office numbers in the various languages it has been released in, or the footfalls in Karnataka who have watched the film, ‘Kantara’ is setting new benchmarks.

The production house had tweeted that 77 lakh footfalls in Karnataka, have been registered for ‘Kantara’, the highest number among all of their productions to date. The latest record of the film is, a whopping Rs.1 crore tickets sold in Karnataka, which is set to continue further, given that ‘Kantara’ is still continuing its golden run at the box office.

The current shows ‘Kantara’ is having in theatres, has made the makers change their deal with the OTT partner. Seeing the unexpected blockbuster run of the film and the audience making it a huge blockbuster across other languages has altogether changed the plans for the OTT release. The OTT deal was signed before the release.

‘Kantara’ was dubbed versions in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam out in just two weeks’ time. The film has done phenomenal business in Hind and Telugu, and very well in Tamil and Malayalam, making ‘Kantara’ gross well over Rs 300 crore. The film has breached the Rs 350 crore mark also, which is a remarkable performance, given that ‘Kantara’ was reportedly made for well under Rs 16 crore.

There is no official news of ‘Kantara’s OTT release yet. The initial reports were that it would come out on November 4, now there’s been rumors of November 18 being the date, but going by how well ‘Kantara’ is still doing in theatres, the OTT release will be delayed.


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