Bigg Boss 16, Day 41 written updates: Salman wants a tag on Ankit, Priyanka’s relationship, Shalin apologises to Tina! | Television News

New Delhi: It’s Shukravaar Ka Vaar in the Bigg Boss and host of the show Salman Khan has a great task at hand and which is to deal with the big incident which happened yesterday. The episode starts with Salman giving a recap of the week. MC Stan, in a conversation with Shiv, tells him that he feels Shalin gets jealous every time anyone gets close to Tina (even though they admit they are just friends). Shiv agrees with his point. Since the exit of Archana, contestants have started talking about the wild card entry and who he or she would be.

Shalin tries to apologize to Tina for comparing her with Soundarya. Tina makes it very clear that she wants to focus on winning the show and doesn`t want to complicate her equation with him. She also tells Shalin that after that incident, their relationship can never be what it was. On the other hand, Gautam and Soundarya get into an argument. Gautam feels Soundarya is too judgmental.

Later, after the argument, Gautam cries in front of Sajid, after which Soundarya comes and apologizes to him for her behavior. In the kitchen area, Priyanka and Tina go at each other. Priyanka tells Tina that she becomes extremely bossy when it comes to kitchen work. Soundarya, in a conversation with Gori, says that ever since Salman showed her the clip, he has been trying to make amends. Shiv advises Abdu to not follow everything that Sajid says and asks him to listen to himself.

Nimrit gets upset when Abdu calls her aunty. They later hugged it out. Arjun Bijlani and Sunny Leone enter the house to promote their show ‘Spiltsvilla’. Sunny and Ajun play fun games with the contestants. The first one is a dance off between Gori and Shalin. Gori wins the first round. Next, Ankit gives a lap dance to Arjun.

By asking the contestants to share their thoughts about their fellow contestants, Sunny and Arjun encourage the participants to reveal their true selves. Gautam and Soundarya discuss MC Stan and how much of a liar he is. MC Stan and Shiv get into a heated argument with Priyanka and Ankit. Salman welcomes Arjun and Sunny to the stage. In a fun segment, Salman recreates a scene from ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’ with Sunny and also dances with her on the song ‘Munni Badnaam Huyi.

Salman starts his interaction with the house and tells the contestants that he has a few observations to make about the incident. Salman wants to chat one-on-one with Priyanka and Ankit and therefore asks them to come to the activity area. Salman asks Priyanka and Ankit about their relationship status, to which both of them reply that they are just friends.

Salman tells Priyanka that from the outside, it seems as if she is not allowing Ankit to play his own game. He tells them both that they have, over the course of time, become liabilities for each other. The episode ends with Salman advising both of them (Priyanka and Ankit) to play their own game and also make it clear to the viewers about their relationship status.


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