Wedding season: 5 Men’s grooming tips to make you look perfect on your D-day | Beauty/Fashion News

Men Grooming: It was few years back when only the brides used to spend months shopping for wedding and getting prepared for their D-day. However, times have changed, and the grooms too have joined the bandwagon. The male grooming too has become a vital part and it is all because of the social media and the influencers.

The wedding season is just around the corner and here are some important tips for men to follow this wedding season and dazzle on their D-day.

Skincare routine

Skincare routine has become a primary part of daily lives. A good skincare routine includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing. The cleansing routine will help you achieve glowing and healthy skin. It removes dirt, grime and dead skin. Pick a regime for your skin type and take care of your skin.


Not only skin but it is also important to take care of your hair. Opt for a hair care regime that consists of a hair spa and a proper hair styling. Try to analyze what suits you and will give you the best impression on your wedding day.

Eat right

Skincare or haircare won’t give you the results if you do not manage a healthy diet and ignore nutrients. Consuming avocados, nuts, and seeds are must for your healthy skin and hair as well. Include leafy green vegetables in your diet and maintain the shape for your wedding.

Salon service

Salon experience that soothes your body and calms you down is needed. Get yourself body massages, manicure, pedicure, face detox therapies and haircare treatments. This is needed to make you feel relaxed.

Exercise every day

Exercising regularly can help you maintain your body weight. Indulge yourself in activities like walking, jogging, lifting weights, cycling or swimming.


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