These GORGEOUS pictures of ‘Srivalli’ Rashmika Mandanna will make you fall in love with her, check them out | People News


That beaming bright smile of Rashmika Mandanna has always won billions of hearts across the country and has made her a national crush. Her cheerful and energetic face can easily keep her fans excited about her and her real, genuine smile is free from pretenses.

Since last year, after the release of Pushpa, Rashmika has been ruling the hearts of people as a national crush and her charm just increases every day. Her character Srivalli has touched the audience rooted in rural areas of the country. Today, apart from her acting, her smile also plays a huge factor in her popularity across demographics. 

Here is are five pictures of Rashmika’s warm and winsome smile that will simply brighten your day: 

Rashmika Mandanna sure does know how to melt our hearts with her infectious smile. 

While the actress knows how to increase the glamor quotient, she never fails to look cute no matter what she wears. 

When Mandanna smiles, her eyes glitter and we are head over heels in love with her magnificent presence.

Oh boy! She is here to rule and how. Rashmika looks like everything we need to make our day better in this golden lehenga.

That wink can make anyone’s day. Rashmika Mandanna looks gorgeous in this vintage pink outfit and we can not take our eyes off her!



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