Bigg Boss 16, Shukravaar Ka Vaar: Fahmaan supports Sumbul but is NOT a wild-card, Archana feels like a ‘bojh’ in the house | Television News

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 16 ‘Shukravaar Ka Vaar’ starts with the handsome face of everyone’s favourite host Salman Khan. He takes us back in the house and shows that MC Stan plays unfair in the captaincy task in order to help his friends. Priyanka and Soundarya blame Sajid for his guidance to Stan.

Archana on the other hand, claims that Sajid has shown her the middle finger. She cries in the washroom, says, ‘sara hisaab lungi main…’ Priyanka and Soundarya support her. Everybody cut the cake for Sajid, except Archana everybody celebrates filmmaker’s special day.

Bigg Boss surprises everybody with the first wild-card entry, brings in ‘Imlie’ actor and Sumbul’s best friend Fahmaan Khan. Sumbul jumps in happiness, Tina and Shalin make fun of her. Both the actors even said that they are relieved that there is somebody for her as they are going to be ‘duur…’ from her. Nimrit on the other hand says that she is very happy for Sumbul as she needed the mental support. Shiv and Abdu on the other hand are sad beause a girl should have entered. 

Sumbul shares everything with Fahmaan, he gives lovely advice to his ‘Imli’ co-actor. Tina and Shalin say that they are relieved that he is here for Sumbul. Sha even says that he is quite awkward about Fahmaan due to the Sumbul angel. Still both the actors sit down for a chat where Shalin tells about the whole incident with Sumbul to Fahmaan.

Nimrit and Tina are in awe od Fahmaan, call him way hotter than Shalin, Abdu and Shalin are jealous.

Priyanka and Soundarya get into an ugly fight with Archana over very small things, all three exchange bad words. Sajid, Shiv, Nimrit are super sure that Soundarya is getting evicted this week.

Next morning, Archana cries during the anthem as no one wants to stand with her. Soundarya consoles her, the model says that she feels like a ‘bojh’ in the house. Abdu on the other hand, is upset with Shalin because of his ‘mean mazaak’ with Nimrit.

Salman Khan enters the house and welcomes Fahmaan, makes him play the ‘galat fehmi’ game. SK then shocks everyone, mostly Sumbul that Fahmaan is not a wild-card and is there to promote his upcoming show. The ‘Dharampatni’ actor says to Sumbul that, ‘tere liye aaya na main… ab jo bola hai vo dhyaan rkhna and jeetna (I came just for you, now take care of what i have explained and win the show)’

The episode ends on a spicy note with a heated conversation betweem Archana and Sajid, organised by Salman, keeping in mind this week’s issues. Tomorrow’s episode will show who will win amongst Sajid and Archana in the war of words.


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