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Dating tips: Are you failing to make a lasting impression on dates? Many who are trying to get their head wrapped around these dating apps or even online dating, are trying and failing at making the best first impression which can lead to a second date and a third perhaps. Guys you need to up your game by 100 and here are 10 tips which can help you come across as more of a man than a frat boy.

So guys let’s get you to understand a few things you should not do on first dates,

1. DO NOT talk about your “ex”

Discussing your past relationships on a first date is a straight NO! Whether you had the best relationship or a toxic one, guys should not bring their ex-partner into conversations with a new person with whom they are going on a date for the first time.

2. DO NOT check your phone constantly

If you have to check your phone every 5 minutes, just skip the date and don’t waste someone else’s time and effort. Urgent calls can be taken only after excusing yourself and giving a valid explanation later. Checking your phone constantly gives the idea that you are not serious and disrespectful and highly annoying.

3. DO NOT be rude to the staff

In order to make an impression do not go overboard with rudely talking to the restaurant staff. Women do not appreciate such things and consider this as a red flag on a date. So guys, say no to being rude!

4. Do NOT swear a lot

Even if you know this person, maybe she has been a friend or someone you know from school does not imply that you can go around being too comfortable. Yes, be at ease but not abusive ease. Don’t add a swear word at the end of every conversation to sound cool because let me tell you a little secret- it’s not cool and you should not swear!

5. DO NOT turn up late

Being late for your first date is BAD! Boys, if you have something to attend to before your date make sure you have either – (1) Informed your date, (2) Postpone the date for another day, (3) Ask her if you can pick her up on the way and then you can both be there at the same time.

6. DO NOT discuss salary

If you’re talking about “salary” on your first date then let boys that is the reason you are getting a call-back. Either in conversations, bragging or complaining about your salary is a complete NO! And poking your date about their salary too does not create a good first impression.

7. DO NOT be too full of yourself

Now don’t get us wrong here, being full (with food) is good but constantly checking your appearance every now and then is a big turn-off. Self-obsession does not create a really good first impression.

8. DO NOT come on too pushy and strong

This tip is not concerned with your physical strength but rather your creepy traits. Guys, be careful- if you are interested then do show it but do not turn into a creep and take it too far. Do not cross this fine line between chivalry and creepiness men.

9. DO NOT choose a loud place for the date

Going to a lounge/bar for a first date is a RED FLAG! Do not take your date to a loud place where you both can barely hear each other while talking. You’ll end up just playing dumb charades the entire evening.

10. DO NOT interrupt conversation

A rather important tip- do not interrupt your date if they are speaking or simply dismissing her point while discussing something you both are interested in. Yes, you may know and understand more than her but completely being dismissive of your date’s opinion is a big NO!


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Lastly boys, please shower and come for a date. There is no two way around it because a woman always knows even if you have the best cologne on.


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