Bigg Boss 16: Archana claims Soundarya’s feelings for Gautam are FAKE! | Television News

New Delhi: ‘Bigg Boss 16’ contestant Archana Gautam complains about Soundarya Sharma, saying that her love for Gautam Vig is fake and eating one roti (chapati) will not show her as a damsel in distress missing Gautam and therefore eating less.

It is seen on the show that both Archana and Soundarya share a friendly bond but in the coming episodes, their equation seems to be changing with Archana making her look fake in front of others.

Sitting with Priyanka Choudhary, she told her: “She was never in love with Gautam. It is all fake. Even when he was on the show, there was nothing real between them. And after he left the show, this was all melodrama and nothing. She is just showing off that she is in pain by eating just one chapati and telling everyone that no one is missing him and nor is anyone with her. Her emotions and pain of missing him are all just pretenses and nothing is genuine.”

In the previous episode, Archana denied following the rules set by Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss asked the other contestants to continuously splash cold water on them. While others took the punishment, Archana refused to do it. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia tells Archana that: “You aren’t a VIP and should follow the rules”.

‘Bigg Boss 16’ airs on Colors.


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