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This year after Yash and Rakshit Shetty, it’s Rishab Shetty who has taken Kannada cinema to new levels with their craft and passion to make something that makes Kannada cinema proud across the world. Their works have changed the way Kannada cinema is being seen today across different industries bringing respect and pride. ‘Kantara’ has changed Rishab Shetty’s life upside down and has taken him across the world showcasing his talent and getting to meet legends to hear appreciation for his work.

Now the big news which will once again create a buzz is Rishab Shetty working on ‘Kantara 2’. The success of ‘Kantara’ has made him a huge brand name. Rishab Shetty was to play one of the three leads in Rakshit Shetty’s next production titled ‘Bachelor’s Party’, but now Rishabh has come out of the project, as he is now on plans in making ‘Kantara 2’. This news was revealed by actor Diganth, who is also a part of ‘Bachelor’s Party’. Diganth was promoting his upcoming release ‘Thimayya and Thimayya’ on a Youtube channel and shared, “We had announced ‘Bachelor Party’, but then Rishab is nowhere to be found these days, then later Rishab Shetty said that he is now going to make ‘Kantara 2’, and will be busy with that, so we are looking at replacing him in the film,” said Diganth during an online interview.

Rishab originally had announced two other directorial, one called ‘Rudraprayag’ with Anant Nag and a project with Shivarajkumar. With the sudden announcement of making ‘Kantara 2’, then Rishab Shetty’s other commitments will surely take a backseat as the expectations for the sequel will be sky-level once Rishab makes it official.


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