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Dating tips: Women and men are significantly different from one another and nobody should be surprised by this remark.  The only real similarity between the two is that they are both humans, but that’s about it. We might seem to have certain things in common when it comes to dating and love, but the big game of love seems to bring out the differences between men and women the most.

Even though it’s often tough to tell whether someone is truly interested in you or is simply being polite, this guide can help you understand how to identify signs of interest and know what is the guy thinking when he becomes flirty.

Situation 1- The speaks to you differently than he speaks to your friends

He is certainly interested and probably thinking that if he pays more attention to you and your needs, he may be able to get your number or Instagram ID since getting your digits can be invasive, eventually. He does not want to be too attentive to avoid being a creep but he will be around on his feet getting your food order separately.

Situation 2- The guy is being funny and acts like a joker around you

Now, this can be a tricky one ladies! So if he is joking around and making you the centre of his jokes without hurting your feelings well then he is probably getting you to smile more. At such a moment he is mostly thinking of how to be the centre of your attention and make you laugh more than your guy best friend.

Situation 3- The guy is fishing for compliments from you

He may be a friend from school and suddenly starts dressing up in ways and clothes that you like, with hair nicely set and wearing your favourite perfume. Ladies, he is most probably fetching your 100% attention.

He is thinking that you might post on social media stories and posts, which simply gives a subtle message to other guys that you may be seeing someone (especially if this guy’s bestie is equally interested in you.)

Situation 4- He’s direct about his feelings

This is a mature guy who knows what he wants and will not waste his or your time by talking nonsense. He will simply tell you that he is interested in you and wants to pursue a relationship. This guy is simply seeking a long-term relationship with the intention of marriage. So if you are interested then only lead on ladies.

Although girls are frequently expected to accept compliments from guys, this is not always the case. Ladies step-up!


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