Bigg Boss 16 Day 66 updates: Bigg Boss introduces ‘daayan ki choti’ task for nominations, Tina, Sumbul, Nimrit, MC Stan get nominated | Television News

New Delhi: It’s another day at Bigg Boss house and we are back with the updates! The new day as usual begins with the morning anthem. Soundarya and Archana get into an argument with Tina as she takes gluten-free bread into her room. Abdu is sad as he feels that no one cares for him. Sajid says to him that we are two jokers of the house so we should not cry or feel sad. Archana and Soundarya get into an argument over food and who does more work. Soundarya says she stabs me back.  

Bigg Boss talks to everyone about ghosts and witches and asks who will come in the house? Tina says daayan. Bigg Boss then gives a spooky twist to the nominations task. He introduces a ‘daayan’ in the house who will feed on the dolls of the contestants who will be nominated. Captain Ankit will announce six people who will participate in the nominations. Ankit chooses Shalin, Sumbul, Priyanka, Soundarya, Archana and Shiv for the task. Tina and Archana get into an argument when Archana says Tina does everything for the camera and she came here after watching many seasons of the show. Soundarya accidently takes Sajid’s name who was already saved due to being Raja Ankit’s favourite. The contestants nominated this week are Tina, Sumbul, Nimrit and MC Stan.  

Abdu complains to Shiv that everybody talks in Hindi so what I do? Shiv tells him that he should tell this to people and says this won’t happen again. Tina asks Shalin how are we each other’s strength? Shalin says I asked people to talk to you when you were nominated because you were feeling low. She says you don’t uplift me, you put me down. Abdu goes and hides inside the bed’s wardrobe. Sajid says he is trying to get attention. 

Archana says to Nimrit that I you are a weak contestant as you don’t tell others when they are wrong. She says no, it’s not like that. Even when Shiv is wrong, I tell him, I just don’t fight or shout loud. It is my nature. Meanwhile, Tina tells Shalin to not think about what she said and sleep. 

That’s all for today, stay tuned for more updates! 

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